I have several workshops that I can offer and am regularly trying to create new and different ways of making art. This is my line up for the next few months:

Some of the regular workshops I do are:

Touch Drawing:

A wonderful medium to get in touch with your inner self. Working through a process of rolling ink and laying paper and with the use of your hands , nails and elbows sometimes create the most wonderful images through letting go and allowing the images that come to mind appear on paper.

Adult Pottery Workshops

resin workshops

- Coil and slab- 2:30 -5:30/6pm 
Work in super stoneware white clay and make a bowl, jug, angel,  vase anything using coil and slab hand building techniques.
Includes firing.We will learn how to make a combination slab and coil bowl, tea pots.
Or make your own house tea light holder - this is also slab work. We use lace and different object to create different textures onto your clay.

If you want to glaze your item once it has been fired you can join the Thursday evening class or the Sat morning class.

 Resin workshops 2:30 - 5:30/6pm (limited to 6 people)

This is a process that involves acrylic painting with lots of water and the use of oil as a resist. We use hair dryers to dry the different stages/layers of paint.
We add resin to our canvas either in the top half or over the whole canvas and allow wet paint that was on the canvas already to react with the resin. We also add new paint into the resin allowing different reactions to happen, heating up the resin and moving it around. The resin and paint has it's own agenda and we do not have final say of what will happen, resulting in the most wonderful creations.

As above resin workshop, with the cretstone combination to create different textures on an A2 canvas.

Resin ,Cretstone mixed media Workshop: Next : watch for date

As above resin workshop, with the cretstone combination to create different textures on an A2 canvas.

I want to experiment further with this medium and add prints to the canvas first and possibly layer the resin and paint techniques over time, so it will be a 2 day workshop, 2 Saturday afternoons that will combine fabrics, prints, rubbings that we have done and pasted to the canvas. It will be an A1 size canvas.

Mixed media workshops

Collage - Self Exploration  Collage is a fantastic way to bring together an amazing combination of colours from magazines to odd pieces of paper that are arranged to form a picture in this mixed media workshops. I want to combine a photo of yourself with different items that will be available at the studio, using paint on your canvas first and then adding different colour paint, fabrics, textures of fabrics that appeal to you.  What is so lovely about these mixed media workshops  is that you might feel as though you are in a pink day and end up with a green day after choosing and feeling with the items available.

 - Print making mixed media canvas
Experimentation of printing with different objects and lino cut words,shapes and rollers will be used to create an image/picture.
We will print onto different textured papers and colours to create layers of collage allowing texture and colour to enhance and shape your image.
Please bring a picture or photo of what you would like to achieve.
We will work on an A2 size canvas.

 Resin picture workshops

We had such fun, here are some of the ladies work from the October '15 workshop.  Cretestone and resin workshop.

resin workshops

resin workshops


Workshop dates: April - June 2018 exciting workshops

Mosaic  Workshop  2:30- 6:30pm
A mixed range of colour mosaic tiles and clay ready made motifs (roses, flowers, dragon flies,
butterflies etc) will be supplied.  You will have a choice of a picture/mirror frame, LOVE word
large, coat hook hanger, stepping stone(round), or  bring your own item and pay less (R50)
If your item is much bigger than what I am offering then the R50 will go towards the
tiles needed. I will supply all adhesives. (Limited to 6 people)

Silk Screen Printing 2:30- 6pm (Limited to 6 )
I will provide a screen and show you the conventional silk screen printing method. Come with a single colour design
(ie: black and white) I will supply pre washed fabric(calico) 2 x 50cm x 50cm. You are welcome to bring
along a T-shirt or more fabric if you would like to do more than one print. We will play with colour
base techniques to print over as well.
Tea,  coffee, water and cake will be available.
If you would like wine or another beverage of your choice please bring it
along.  Please let me know soonest if you would like to join a workshop.
Claire  083 671 8647 or email, watsapp or sms me.