This venue is great for any crafty party, adult parties too! kitchen teas, art workshops etc.

We have a large area for outdoor play and indoor crafts.
You tell me what you would like to do and I can suggest all sorts of ideas around your theme.
Face painting is available at every party.

Craft concepts available:

  • Glass painting - ready prepared tiles of a particular theme - paint and add a ribbon around the tile for hanging.
  • Fabric painting - T-shirts, cusion covers, aprons and pencil cases
  • Take home clay - air drying clay to paint and take home
  • Pottery: ready made item to paint and fetch 2 weeks
                    ( mug, soup bowl, plate)
  • Pottery: ready made item to paint  and take home
                    (plant pot- can have different motifs added, geko, flower,  dragon fly, depending on theme)
  • Sand castles- sand dough that will dry hard in 24hrs, shells and other fish etc added.
  • Mobiles: beads and motifs around theme to make a mobile
  • Mosaic: Different mosaic templates provided with tiles and beads to make up beautiful mosaics.
    ( dolphins, geko, star fish, sea horse, dove,  horse, dragon fly, butterfly, hearts big and small, word love, rooster and a cat).

Party packs

can make up party packs for you and make all your delicious goodies, birthday cake etc.
Or you can bring your own.

Children's craft parties are around R150- R200 per child and a minimum of 10 required. Booking is essential