Mosaic picture

Mosaic Classes

Mosaic is a wonderful medium to get creative and beautifully involved in. Discover the art of creating beautiful images by arranging small pieces of glass, stone or mosaic tiles. This inventive technique is an fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing, learn a great craft skill and at the same time make something to beautify your home and often functional. These classes are perfect for beginners, hosted in a fun and encouraging environment and are the perfect idea for a birthday party or kitchen tea.

I provide your basic materials, mosaic tiles, boards, cutters and all sorts of motifs that you can choose from,
or you can make your very own custom  motifs out of clay.

Mosaic tiles

I offer help with the cutting of your tiles and layout of designs.
It is best to call and discuss what you are wanting to make so that I can source your items before you arrive at a class.

Mosaic Times

Thursday evenings we get together for mosaic from 7pm - 9:30pm.

Mosaic Class Fees

I will the give you a basic set up cost for your project and thereafter the
classes are weekly at a cost of R120 per lesson.

We can mosaic a mirror, stepping stones, bird bath, platters or even mosaic your own picture, copy a master.