Mosaic Kits

Each mosaic kit is individually packed, by myself and my wonderful assistant, Sarah.
We carefully select tiles, cut them and sort into different colour schemes for each different kit.
Some of the kits have special motifs that are hand made by myself added to the kits that make them even more unique.
The angel has a hand crafted head/face and the Love and Big heart templates have roses, hearts and different motifs and special tiles added.

There is something for everyone, young or not so young, beginners or established mosaic friends.
I have numerous animals and creatures to choose from as well as different sizes:

Types of Mosaic kits for sale

Dolphin mosaic kits
Star fish mosaic kits
Sea Horse mosaic kits
Geko mosaic kits
Dragon Fly mosaic kits
Butterfly mosaic kits
Horse mosaic kits
Cat mosaic kits
Elephant mosaic kits
Big Heart (lrg) mosaic kits
Love (word) (lrg) mosaic kits
Angel (lrg) mosaic kits
Heart Frame magnetic mosaic kits
Flower Frame magnetic mosaic kits
Small Heart mosaic kits
Small Butterfly mosaic kits

Mosaic Kit Prices

Small kits: R50
Large kits: R120- R150

I can also make up personalised mosaic kits on request and give a quote.