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I offer art classes for children from the ages of  6 - 14, and no more than 10 in a class.

What the childrens classes covers

Each term we explore a different theme that normally involves a bit of drawing and  either extends into painting, mixed media, silk screen printing or pottery as part of the term project.

Each term I send out an  email to the parents of a basic outline of what we hope to achieve and learn for the term, it is never just drawing or only painting, I try to incorporate at least 2 different mediums on the same theme so that it keeps the children constantly captivated.

The Term

The term is usually between 8 and 10  lessons and we aim to complete a new task/theme every term.  This runs during normal school terms and ends at the start of the holidays as per normal.

The cost of the childrens lessons at present is R100 per class  and an additional fee of R150 per term for materials.
( I require students to enrole for at least one full term  and to give 1 months notice before leaving)

Class days and times offered

Note that classes run during and out of normal school times which can accomodate homeschoolers.


3:30pm - 5 pm

3pm - 4:30pm

2:30 - 4pm

2017 Project Line -Up

Project 1: Cookery Book and a cooking character (10 weeks 19th/20 Jan - 23rd/24th March) R85 per lesson (+materials R75) Total R925 term

  • (a) Draw a still life of cooking utensils/bread board mixing jugs etc. in pencil
  • (b) Create a character for your first recipe page (starter), character needs to be repeated in your book, speech bubbles to add fun
  • (c) Paint a main meal and add your recipe- find ref photos or take a photo of your favourite meal to be able to paint it
  • (d) Enlarge an area of your Pencil Still life and create a scraper board cover for your book, a border of food and character will be added around this.
  • (e) Collage your dessert page

We will have punched holes in each page so that we can continue to add recipes to your book and it can be an ongoing project.

Project 2: Your Famous Person (10 weeks 20/21 April - 22nd/23rd June) R85 per lesson (+materials R75) Total R925 term

a) We will do a large A3+ charcoal pencil drawing of your famous person, concentrating on shading and shading technique to get different depth of shade.
b) We will then divide an A3+ canvas into 4 and choose 4 colours. We will then apply shading by adding black / white and/or a deeper colour to create shades of a colour to each section.

The end product will be the Famous person portrayed in 4 different colours but 1 image. We will divide the canvas differently by having a centre triangle a corner circle and outer square and the rest another shade to complete the canvas.

Project 3: Your Favourite Animal (10 weeks 23/24 July - 28th/29th Sept) R85 per lesson (+materials R100) Total R950 term

a) Bring a photo from home of your favourite pet or animal. We will create a paper mosaic of your favourite pet/animal
b) Paint and mixed media on a canvas of you favourite pet  creating different levels with resin to have a 3-d effect in different stages.

I want to encourage a fantasy type image of adding tin foil and glitter in the background of these paintings so that there is a realism type image of the animal and  a fantasy type background.

Project 4: Dragon-Fly Box and clay  (8 weeks 12/13Oct - 30th/31st Nov) R85 per lesson (+materials R75) Total R755 term

a) Draw pen and ink drawings of different dragon flies, these images will be supplied.
b) Take one of the dragon fly images that you have drawn and enlarge and re-create in colour on an A4 card
c) Design a repeat design of the dragon flies to paint onto your wooden treasure  box.
d) Make a ±20 cm clay dragon-fly figure on wire out of air drying clay, paint and varnish to complete.

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